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Trending Now: #GlobalSelfie AKA Earth Day

“NASA invites you — and everyone else on the planet — to take part in a worldwide celebration of Earth Day this year with the agency’s #GlobalSelfie event.” Today is April 22, 2014. But it will most likely go down in history as the day the entire world took a selfie. Thanks to NASA’s brilliance, […]

Turning Tragedy Into Twitter Genius

Where were you this time last year? If you can’t remember, let me rephrase the question. Where were you when you heard about the Boston Marathon bombing? It’s hard to believe that tragedy took place a year ago today. While the city of Boston has since moved on, they have not forgotten the three that […]

The Ever Important Hashtag

The origin of the hashtag is well documented. When Twitter was born in March of 2006, they faced true hardship in entering the social networking atmosphere. Facebook had been dominating the way our society chose to connect online, and without any real visual capabilities, I’m sure I wasn’t the only one that thought Twitter was […]

What’s Trending Now: Highlights From 2014 Ultra Music Festival

The THAT Agency is more than just business. Based in South Florida, it’d be hard to ignore all the exciting events going on around us. Two weekends ago was the West Palm Beach Boat Show, and this weekend the Ultra Music Festival closed out Winter Music Conference just south of us in Miami. If you […]

Which Social Network is the Best for Brand Engagement?

If you looked at the title of this article and immediately thought of Facebook or Twitter, you are mistaken! Instagram is the grand champion of brand engagement based on a recent study done by L2 Think Tank. You might be a little skeptical considering that the 150 million monthly users that Instagram boasts are itty […]

What Works for Hotels and Resorts on Facebook?

Some of the most fun clients to work with in social media are hotels and resorts.  By having guests check in and out every day, hotels can be content generating machines. This is especially true if they have restaurants, lounges or awesome pools. The strange thing is, many hotels and resorts don’t realize just how […]

You Are Probably Using Facebook Ads Wrong – Here’s Why!

The social media marketing world is abuzz about a video basically outlining how much of a sham Facebook ads are. Essentially, the video makes the claim that Facebook Ads produce fake Likes and that marketers are wasting their time and money using them. For the sake of my rebuttal, please take a peek at the […]

From Vanity Stat to Content Marketing Tool: #NewKlout is Awesome

Social media geeks like myself have long debated the value of Klout. Some say Klout is silly and has no real applicable value while others say that it is an industry standard for figuring out if someone has a large share of voice online. Sure, the scoring system can be construed as silly, however we […]

10 Reasons Why You Need to Improve Your Social Media Customer Service

Social media has made brands of all sizes more accessible than ever. Consumers can engage with brands literally any time they please on a variety of different social channels and for many businesses this is a blessing. However, as the great Spider-man once said, “with great power comes great responsibility”. With the power of being […]

THAT Agency Returns and Scores a Touchdown with Devin Hester’s Website

West Palm Beach, FL – After partnering with Devin Hester on the design and development of his foundation’s website for Anytime 23 Empowerment Center Inc. www.anytime23empowerment.com, THAT Agency was  tasked with creating a brand and website for Devin Hester, himself. With no existing brand assets in place, THAT Agency was directed to bring together Devin’s […]