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THAT Agency Launches New Website for Natura Wines

West Palm Beach, FL- Natura Wines, produced by Emiliana Organic Vineyards, the world’s leading organic winery, recently hired THAT Agency to design, develop and market its new website. Seeking a design that’s clean, bright, and modern, Natura Wines hired THAT Agency due to their website design services and digital marketing expertise. THAT Agency delivered with […]

10 SEO Tips for URL Structure

As a full service digital marketing agency, THAT Agency is responsible for knowing all there is to know about SEO, SEM, web design and more. Through our research of the latest digital marketing trends we learn a lot of tips and tricks that we can then share with our clients. Whether you are having trouble […]

Combine SEO & PPC Efforts: 4 Main Benefits

While not everyone utilizes the shared remunerations of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Paid Search (PPC) strategies, they are actually quite similar in practice. As the search results continue to evolve, we’ve been seeing a lot of changes with regards to how SEO and PPC results are shown in the Search Engine Results Page (or […]

Facebook Launches Product Ads

Facebook has announced the launch of Product Ads, a mobile-friendly ad format that allows retailers to promote their products through ads. We’ve already seen how successful some brands have been with Google Shopping. These ads appeal to consumers who have previously shown high purchase intent, and they’ve worked well in driving conversions in many cases. […]

THAT Agency Creates Virtual Game to Promote New Warsteiner Packaging

West Palm Beach, FL- Warsteiner, Germany’s largest privately owned beer brewery and longtime client of THAT Agency, recently rolled out a branding refresh that includes a new logo and packaging. To promote its new brand elements, Warsteiner appointed THAT Agency to design, develop and market a virtual game, named Pilsener Pursuit. Pilsener Pursuit takes players […]

Increase Your Brand’s Visibility on Facebook

The last few months have brought several big changes to Facebook, including the rise of videos in news feeds as well as Facebook’s recent crackdown on promotional posts. By now we hope you have re-evaluated and updated your brand’s Facebook marketing strategy accordingly, but as always, we are here to help. Below are some tips […]

THAT Agency Launches New Website for I Promise Jewelry

West Palm Beach, FL- I Promise Jewelry recently partnered with THAT Agency to design, develop and market a website for their brand new line of custom sterling silver and diamond bracelets, called I Promise bracelets. With a clear design aesthetic in mind, I Promise Jewelry hired THAT Agency due to their web design portfolio and […]

Help Your SEO with Google’s Custom Search

Custom Search Engines have been around forever. If you’re unfamiliar with the concept, simply put: it’s basically a search bar that is added to a website. This allows users to search within the website itself, and essentially turns your website into its own search engine. The best part about this concept is that it quickly […]