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Offsite Factors to Consider When Your Rankings Drop

Last time we discussed the factors on your site that affect your rankings. Today we’re going to explore the most important offsite issue, links. The number and the type of web sites that link to your site are very important. If you want to achieve higher rankings, try to get as many links from related web sites as possible. It’s not only important that many other web sites link to yours, it’s also important that the links are from related sites and that the link texts contain keywords that are related to the keywords for which you want to have high rankings.

If you had good rankings that suddenly dropped and none of the on-site factors mentioned in my previous post apply to your site, then it is very likely that search engines have re-evaluated the links to your site. If this is the case, the search engine will either think that the links to your site are not from related sites or other sites have better links than you so in turn listing them higher.

Other sites don’t necessarily have to have more links than you. They just need to links that are related to the keyword for which you want to have high rankings. In that case, you should try to get new links from related sites that contain your keyword.

Stay Tuned for the exciting Conclusion of The Lost Rankings Trilogy.


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