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FREE WordPress Theme – THAT Simple

THAT Agency has brought a couple of themes to the WordPress Theme Directory like “THAT golf  Theme“, “THAT Music Theme” and now “THAT Simple“.

Why THAT Simple?

THAT Simple was developed to promote clean lines and a sense of clarity. Its not bogged down with a bunch of features that most people might not use, instead we opted to create a clean, simple and sophisticated look. Minimalism is the fore-front of this theme, but its rich features will enable ease of use from hard core bloggers to those beginners looking for something easy they can understand.

THAT Simple Theme Screenshot

What features does THAT Simple have?

Well for one, it does have the ability to support widgets, which is a really good thing to have. The theme is also extremely simple to customize based on your needs. Through the admin:

The theme logo

Simply paste the URL of your logo in the text area and save.


The header banners (based on site section)

Simple add the location of the images and the theme takes care of the rest in resizing the image.


Ads can all be customized.

This is great when you want to try to make a couple of dollars off of your blog. Simple copy the location of the image, and the the link location and that would be it.


Click here to see the “THAT Simple” the  FREE  WordPress theme live. Any comments about the theme would be greatly appreciated.


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  1. Rahul - Web Guru


    That simple didn’t have to look that simple too. I like the top part. But the bottom part lacks.

  2. Connie


    Is it multi-language-enabled?
    Do you support mo-files?
    THAT would be great!

  3. Connie


    No language files
    There is only one language in the world

    and the earth is cubic

    shame on you ;=)

  4. Rich


    Connie, I am sure they are probably some plugins in WordPress that you can use to do what you would like. Or is it that you like the theme and you want us to add that functionality with it?

  5. anders


    Just installed the theme, looks really nice! Love the fact that I can insert the banners easily again when I have some sponsors.
    It´s a danish site for jazzmusicians. Is there a plugin that helps me translate the few words stiull in english?

    How do I remove the XHTML-options for comments? Think they confuse my target audience…

    Thanks for the theme!

  6. Patrick


    How can I remove the Sponsor part from “THAT Simple” theme?


  7. Rich


    Anders, thanks for your comment. If you want to remove the whole section where it says “XHTML: blah blah”, open up comments.php in the theme folder, go to line 95 and you should see this:

    XHTML: You can use these tags:

    Just go ahead and comment that line out and you will not see it when your users are logged in want to comment. :)

  8. Rich


    Hey Patrick! yours is a little different. the sponsor ads that you want to remove all together are all located in the themes folder in a file called: ad250x250.php

    You can open that file up in the themes editor and do 1 of 2 things.

    1. You can just comment out all the code that is on that file.

    2. You can just delete all the info that is in that file. (just keep a backup of the code, just in case you would like to have the ads again later on).

  9. George


    Hey guys, your WP themes are great. But I’m curious- what licence are they released under?

    • Rich


      Hey George. According to WordPress themselves, all themes that are posted on wordpress should be 100% GPL or compatible. Hope that helps.

  10. Patrick


    Ok tnx very much! I really like the theme.

    Is there a way to manage the rest of the right hand side menus (widgets(?))?


  11. Xanthippas


    Hey guys…this is a great free theme, one of the better ones that I’ve stumbled across. But I’m curious; why no link to comments at the bottom of a post? I don’t like that our visitors have to click on the permalink for the post to see an option to leave comments.

  12. Rich


    Hey Xanthippas, Do you mean the “comment(s)” link that pop up?

  13. Xanthippas


    Yes sir. Been messing with my site this afternoon and I can’t seem to figure out how to make that link show up at the bottom of a post on the front page.

  14. Xanthippas


    Yes. I’ve been playing around with it, but I can’t seem to figure out a way to get the comment link to show at the bottom of posts on the front page.

  15. Xanthippas


    Sorry…came back to visit and didn’t see my comment from yesterday, so I re-posted. Don’t mean to spam you.

  16. Rich


    Hey Xanthippas. Took a look around, and here is the code you could add to the theme itself for the comment piece you want.


    I believe that should work.

  17. Xanthippas


    Thanks! I’ll try it out.

  18. anders


    I´m trying to make the number of comments on each post visable from the front page, is that what you are talking about with Xanthippas?

    If it´s the possiblility to make a comment from the front page, I´m still interested!

    The code you provide, where should I put it?
    again, thanks for a nice theme!

  19. Rich


    Yes it is Anders.

    You would place it where you would like to see it. For example, on your site you could place it in:

    Lets say you want it where the tags are right? in the index.php file in the theme folder, you can look for line 42-44 and replace that code to this:


    And that will add the number of comments to that line. I added it to the demo on our site, you can check it out here:

    See adding comment link to tag, cat line

    Hope that helps.

  20. anders


    Thanks, that´s more like it! You can see it on my site (translated).

    Is it possiple to get it up higher, and make it more in-your-eyes? I´m thinking a bit like the tweet-button I have on my blog. Or maybey there´s a plugin for that?


  21. anders


    Hi again, I solved it myself, thanks to the code you provided!

  22. Rich


    Very awesome Anders. you’re welcome

  23. B. Hobbs


    I love this theme and have had great feedback on my blog. But today I was told that it was only displaying my most recent post and no sidebar when viewing in Internet Explorer. Is this a common problem or is it something I’ve done?

  24. Rich


    Thanks B.Hobbs. Might you have removed that function from your admin piece in the widget section?

    You can see the demo here: http://www.thatagency.com/THATthemes/

    I saw recent posts in IE7 and 8.

    What version of IE are you running and on what OS?

    thanks again.

  25. Ralph Contreras


    Great theme! I’m using it for a comic book fan site. I did a little customizing. It’s crisp, clean and easy to use.
    – Shazam!

  26. Ricky


    Love this. It’s so great!

    But would like help with just one thing if possible.

    1. how to get rid of the little gravatar icon next to the post title, and the “posted by user”?

  27. Rich


    Hey Ricky. Sorry for the late response. Hopefully you have figured out how to update the template to remove the gravatar icon as well as posted by user, but if you haven’t, open up single.php and view line: 62. remove this:

    the next line, will be for “posted by user” go ahead and remove or comment this out:

    hope that helps.

  28. Morton Christel


    Thank you very much for the amazing wordpress templates, I have been seeking for a long time and these templates are what I really like to use one my new blog.

  29. Dorothy


    Love the theme. But can’t figure out where/how to put the little post gravatar image in? Mine just showing a square outline. Thanks!

  30. Jean Has Been Shopping


    Love this theme, and all of the helpful advice!
    I have enlarged my fonts through html on each post, but now I would like to adjust line spacing. Can you tell me the code and exactly where to place it? I’d like to increase by 1.5. Thanks!

  31. Jean Has Been Shopping


    I figured it out. In style.css, I replaced font-size:12pt with font-size:medium;line-height:110%}

    It works, but now my comments are also large. That’s ok.

    Still very much enjoying your theme!

  32. Erika @ Dr.TriRunner


    I LOVE this new layout!! I’m still playing around with it… question: I know the section to edit the sponsors grid is under ad250x250, but how do I place my own sponsors images and their URLs into the grid? Which section of code should I be looking for?

    Thanks so much for the great template!

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