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Targeted Page Posts: Facebook’s Shiny New Feature

 Facebook seems to be stepping their game up lately with all of these new features. Piggybacking on the announcement of scheduling posts, Facebook has now announced that admins can target posts based on gender, educational status, age, gender interested in, location, relationship status and language. Whew! These options are a vast improvement over just targeting location and language. Let’s take a look at the granularity (good word right?) that these new options give admins.

  • Gender: Select male or female.
  • Educational Status: Choose between high school, college or college graduate.
  • Interested In: Decide if you want to target users interested in men or women.
  • Age: Starts at 13 and ends at 65.
  • Location: Target by country, region/state or city.
  • Relationship Status: Default settings have these all checked, but you can choose from single, in a relationship, engaged or married.
  • Language: Choose which language you wish to target.

Being able to target users by all of these features can be very helpful! There is also a pretty nifty counter at the bottom right hand corner which lets you know approximately how many users you have targeted.

As always, this feature is slowly being rolled out to admins. At the time of this writing, only pages with 5,000 or more fans. Did you get access to this yet?

Author: Nathan Mendenhall


Nathan Mendenhall  is a social media professional with both B2B and B2C experience. He has worked with brands in a variety of different industries to create actionable social media communities and dynamic content strategies.


  1. Adele


    Great in theory, too bad we haven’t been given this capability yet. Is this offered to select Pages with 5,000+ likes? Page I admin has 10,000 and no cool shiny new feature appears. :(

    • Nathan


      I would imagine it is coming soon!

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