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When, Where & How to Post to Increase Social Engagement

Anyone with a social marketing strategy can relate to planning out when, where and how to share content in order to increase brand awareness, engagement and traffic. While many best practices are old news, my mind was recently blown by a new report released by TrackMaven. Their Colossal Content Marketing Report provides business owners and […]

A How-To Guide For Creating “Share Worthy” Blogs

So how does one actually go about creating content that is good enough for people want to comment, like it, tweet it, or better yet, share it? There are a million guides on blog formatting and writing catchy headlines ad nauseam that fall short of really helping you consistently develop and deliver great content. There […]

Got Content Writer’s Block? Break Through with Content Mapping!

If you have been working with a brand or product for a long time, it can feel like all of your content ideas sound the same. Content diversity is an absolute MUST in social media marketing and for blogs as well. What do you do when you get content writer’s block? I have a little […]

What is AuthorRank & Why is it important for SEO?

As online marketing continues to evolve, we have seen the worlds of social media and SEO inch closer and closer together.  There has been some speculation that social signals have an influence on search rankings, however now there seems to be something on the horizon that will solidify that connection. Search Engine Journal reported recently […]

“What’s The Big Deal About CTR Anyway?” – 5 Things You Should Know

Click Through Rate or CTR is the relationship between Clicks and Impressions. That is, out of the number of times your search result or ad is shown to a user, how often is it actually clicked and not ignored? This metric is one of the key benchmarks for your online marketing toolset so understanding this […]