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The Ever Important Hashtag

The origin of the hashtag is well documented. When Twitter was born in March of 2006, they faced true hardship in entering the social networking atmosphere. Facebook had been dominating the way our society chose to connect online, and without any real visual capabilities, I’m sure I wasn’t the only one that thought Twitter was […]

What’s Trending Now: Highlights From 2014 Ultra Music Festival

The THAT Agency is more than just business. Based in South Florida, it’d be hard to ignore all the exciting events going on around us. Two weekends ago was the West Palm Beach Boat Show, and this weekend the Ultra Music Festival closed out Winter Music Conference just south of us in Miami. If you […]

Sometimes You Just Need to Throw 100 Cats into the Place and See What Happens

Recently, I came across some video about IKEA’s creative team, and their so-called “experiment”, which resulted in something unexpected, and quite amazing. In short, two gentlemen on IKEA’s creative team conjured up an idea to bring 100 cats into an IKEA store, after hours, and film what happened.  Maybe they’d get something great, maybe they […]

A Designer’s Perspective on an Advanced Photoshop Conference

I recently attended a Photoshop Conference in West Palm Beach, Florida.  Two classes were offered, beginners and advanced.  The beginner’s class was just that, an overview of the interface, components and so on.  I could not imagine sitting through another beginner’s Photoshop interface run through.  So, I opted for the advance training class. I had […]

5 Reasons Why Your Social Community is Shrinking

Marketers often THINK they know exactly what their communities want, but soon find that their content strategy actually prompts users to click unlike or unfollow. It is not always blatantly obvious why this happens, however a recent study by eMarketer.com has shed some light on the reasons why social media users decide to disconnect from […]

Why the NEW Myspace is on My Top 8!

If you are anything like me, you fondly remember the glory days of the old Myspace. Leaving animated comments to your friends, organizing your Top 8 and reorganizing it again to remove people who annoyed you that week were all things that made it fun. However, marketers slowly started creeping in and everywhere you looked […]