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3 Ways to “SEO” Your Local Business Right Now

After having talked to many locally based small business owners, many express the common frustration in attracting new business and customers… Often SMB’s will start by expressing one of the following points: They know that their customers aren’t really looking in the phonebook or local newspaper to find the services they offer anymore. They get […]

Sometimes You Just Need to Throw 100 Cats into the Place and See What Happens

Recently, I came across some video about IKEA’s creative team, and their so-called “experiment”, which resulted in something unexpected, and quite amazing. In short, two gentlemen on IKEA’s creative team conjured up an idea to bring 100 cats into an IKEA store, after hours, and film what happened.  Maybe they’d get something great, maybe they […]

A How-To Guide For Creating “Share Worthy” Blogs

So how does one actually go about creating content that is good enough for people want to comment, like it, tweet it, or better yet, share it? There are a million guides on blog formatting and writing catchy headlines ad nauseam that fall short of really helping you consistently develop and deliver great content. There […]

Mobile Site Design Best Practices For SEO

It’s no secret mobile device internet usage is on a solid pace to overtake desktop usage in the near future. In some industries our clients have already broken the 50/50 barrier. Before it was “okay” to let mobile visitor traffic play a backseat role to desktop traffic, especially in regards to site design and the […]

Inbound Marketing vs. Outbound Marketing

Its no secret that there is a ton of buzz in the advertising and marketing world about “Inbound Marketing” and how it is replacing older more traditional mediums such as Billboards and TV spots.  It’s no suprise that as consumers are increasingly searching out products and brands, while getting better at blocking out all the […]