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Mobile Search Growth: What 2015 Means for Mobile

As we begin 2015, it’s becoming increasingly more important that all sites are optimized for mobile performance and user-friendliness. While we’ve been seeing the growing trend across the search marketing sphere over the past several years, it’s no more prevalent than today, just how high the importance is. Google has recently taken it upon themselves […]

Today’s Best Advertising News & Articles

Congrats on (almost) making it halfway through the week! Here is what you need to know today in the world of digital advertising: – See more at: http://www.thatagency.com/design-studio-blog/#sthash.wBtafevA.dpuf 1. Tomorrow, you can ask Mark Zuckerberg anything during his first public “Community Q & A.” 2. It is now possible to use Amazon Prime to buy […]

From Vanity Stat to Content Marketing Tool: #NewKlout is Awesome

Social media geeks like myself have long debated the value of Klout. Some say Klout is silly and has no real applicable value while others say that it is an industry standard for figuring out if someone has a large share of voice online. Sure, the scoring system can be construed as silly, however we […]

7 Candid Questions with a Mobile App Visionary

Ever meet someone that turbo charges your motivation and pushes you to get better every day? My colleague and college buddy John Saunders is one of these people. John is a hyper-motivated guy who is essentially addicted to all things digital. So much in fact that he has invested himself in developing a mobile app […]

Brace Yourself, More Facebook Timeline Changes are Coming!

If you have been in the social media game for a few years, you know that Facebook LOVES making changes. The internet wept with the implementation of the most recent Timeline changes, but what will happen when the even newer Facebook Timeline changes begin hitting users? During the past few days, it has been reported […]

Baidu Making Gains

“…hundreds and thousands of times, for her I searched in chaos, suddenly, I turned by chance, to where the lights were waning, and there she stood.” This search, depicted in an 800-year-old poem, is successful – and the inspiration for a relatively new China-based search engine, Baidu. “Baidu” means “hundreds of times.” It also means […]

Blekko on the Rise

From its launch, Blekko has striven to be the outsider, the search engine that could deliver highly accurate, relevant results without the spam. This, of course, is a direct challenge to Google, which, while it is the world’s largest search engine with a 65 percent market share, is known to have a bit of a […]

Could Bing Overtake Google in World Search Market?

Over a year ago, Google left China because of its refusal to censor search results any longer. It found the Chinese government too restrictive and was not willing to filter results. It was willing, however, to leave the country with the most internet users in the world, a step that, thus far, hasn’t affected Google’s […]

Blekko’s Zorro Update

Blekko is the anti-Google. The small “alternative” search engine made its mark by being the engine that “slashes the web” to produce more targeted, relevant search results. It bills itself as being low-spam, low-malware, and low-content farm. Its recent “Zorro Update” doesn’t focus on “slashing out spam,” like the Panda Update from Google; instead it […]