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THAT Agency Launches New Website for Natura Wines

West Palm Beach, FL- Natura Wines, produced by Emiliana Organic Vineyards, the world’s leading organic winery, recently hired THAT Agency to design, develop and market its new website. Seeking a design that’s clean, bright, and modern, Natura Wines hired THAT Agency due to their website design services and digital marketing expertise. THAT Agency delivered with […]

THAT Agency Creates Virtual Game to Promote New Warsteiner Packaging

West Palm Beach, FL- Warsteiner, Germany’s largest privately owned beer brewery and longtime client of THAT Agency, recently rolled out a branding refresh that includes a new logo and packaging. To promote its new brand elements, Warsteiner appointed THAT Agency to design, develop and market a virtual game, named Pilsener Pursuit. Pilsener Pursuit takes players […]

A Designer’s Perspective on an Advanced Photoshop Conference

I recently attended a Photoshop Conference in West Palm Beach, Florida.  Two classes were offered, beginners and advanced.  The beginner’s class was just that, an overview of the interface, components and so on.  I could not imagine sitting through another beginner’s Photoshop interface run through.  So, I opted for the advance training class. I had […]

7 Candid Questions with a Mobile App Visionary

Ever meet someone that turbo charges your motivation and pushes you to get better every day? My colleague and college buddy John Saunders is one of these people. John is a hyper-motivated guy who is essentially addicted to all things digital. So much in fact that he has invested himself in developing a mobile app […]

Mobile Site Design Best Practices For SEO

It’s no secret mobile device internet usage is on a solid pace to overtake desktop usage in the near future. In some industries our clients have already broken the 50/50 barrier. Before it was “okay” to let mobile visitor traffic play a backseat role to desktop traffic, especially in regards to site design and the […]

The Great (Adobe Muse Beta) Debate

Since Adobe recently announced the Beta release of Muse, there’s been a little turmoil at THAT Agency. Basically, our designers and developers have a running debate as to the value of this new Web publishing tool. As you’ll see, the two sides definitely aren’t seeing eye-to-eye on the issue. (If you’re not familiar with Muse, […]

Web Design Don’ts

Web design is a lot like interior design. You have a lot of leeway and options. Your definition of beauty is central, and you should always add elements that reflect your personality and sense of style. But there are also some rules that are definitely not made to be broken. Not crowding a very small […]

What You Don’t Know about Web Design Can Hurt You

“We are concerned about the growing number of frustrated business clients on board telling us similar distressing stories. Many businesses have paid and are paying web designers for websites that are simply not designed for search engine optimisation in mind.” This from Krisztian Panczel of Web Connection Pty Ltd, an Australia-based internet marketing company. Panczel […]

Web Design: Function over Form

If you look at new, and newly designed, websites, you will see a definite theme of simplicity coming through. The emphasis is on function over form, though, of course, appearance is always important. But the look of a website is no longer just something to please the eye; it must contribute to the overall usability […]