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American Graduate School in Paris


American Graduate School in Paris

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The American Graduate School in Paris (AGS) offers students around the world a United States higher education. AGS has two particular schools: the American Graduate School of International Relations and Diplomacy, and the American Graduate School of Business and Economics. AGS was created with the vision of providing a high quality education in the fields of international relations and diplomacy, as well as business and economics, to an international population of students and professionals. – See more at:

Web Design

The website development and design was constructed around the 960 grid system, which resulted in clean, educational design worthy of any University. The main challenge THAT Agency was able to face and overcome, was the combining of the two schools into one website, while still allowing the students to navigate the site easily. As the Graduate School is actually a combination of two different schools: business and economics, and international relations and diplomacy; THAT Agency created three different sites and through a well structured navigation, combined them into one. The use of a slightly different template for each school aids in the visual depiction of the school the user has navigated to.

Content Management System

The American Graduate School in Paris website was developed on the robust and stable Joomla platform. With THAT Agency’s wide grasp of multiple developmental languages and content management (CMS) platforms, THAT Agency was able to deliver. THAT Agency utilized custom templates and menus, to bring to reality, the vision of both the school and the designers. By creating custom modules, the Graduate School has the versatility to manage and update their site themselves, while still maintaining the uniformity the designers set in place.

Search Engine Optimization

The American Graduate School in Paris came to THAT Agency with goals and creating a new website while maintaining and improving their existing search engine traffic. THAT Agency consulted and implemented a plan to re-launch their website while improving visibility in the search engines. Post-launch, THAT Agency continued to consult, implement and train AGS with regards to pay-per-click and organic search marketing.