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Services Provided
  • Web Design
  • Web Development
  • Content Management System
  • SEO
  • Print
  • Email Marketing

Alerio is one of the nations largest lead generating firms. Headquartered in Southern Florida they generate leads for mortgage, insurance and financial institutions world-wide. Alerio has taken the next step in lead generation with their unique qualifying process. Alerio’s growth has consistently doubled each year for the past three years.

Web Design

Alerio approached THAT Agency in order to create as many qualified leads as possible with the lowest CPA (cost per acquisition). As Alerio did not have a limit to the number of leads that could be sold, THAT Agency utilized their graphic design skills and created an information-based website, at the core, with the addition of 20+ microsites to optimize for long tail keyword, as well as utilize for targeted marketing campaigns.

Web Development

The Alerio website, and all minisites, was built on a PHP Platform. The website included custom mortgage calculators, as well as banner advertisements throughout.

All leads submitted through both the site, and the microsites, were gathered into a custom Lead Management Application, built on the Ruby on Rails platform. This custom solution managed the entire lead process, from initial source to form submission to lead qualification, allowing Alerio to have a keen view on their cost-per-conversion and ROI (return on investment).

Technologies Used:
– Javascript
– Ruby on Rails

Search Engine Marketing

THAT Agency created numerous Banner Campaigns, obtained backward links for natural growth and monitored their pay per click campaign hourly, adding new keywords and analyzing results. Alerio is generating over 400 qualified leads on a weekly basis at a fifth of the cost that they did before THAT Agency stepped in to help.