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Services Provided
  • Web Design
  • Web Development
  • Content Management System
  • SEO

The Big Five Tours & Expeditions offers fully customizable tours to Africa, Asia, Central America, South America, the South Pacific or the Polar Regions. Tours can last from as little as three days to more than 26 days. Tours are available for any level of activity, from more relaxed paces to very active or adventure type travel. Big Five’s website also can help you locate a tour or travel agent in your local area. is a definitive site on all things Galapagos, from its history to its natural environment to how to tour the islands. 

Web Design

With such a great domain, THAT Agency proposed a sales funnel as the structure for the site, which would promote the Galapagos Islands and help visitors customize their tour to the islands. Users are able to Browse by Tours or take a quiz in which their resulting answers aim to customize and direct them to the best fitted Galapagos Tour.

THAT Agency also integrated a custom interactive flash map that allows users to click through each island, to read a summary and to view photos of wildlife found on each island.

Web Development

The Galapagos website was built on a PHP platform, accessing a MySQL database. The website adheres to THAT Agency’s search engine optimization standards, allowing it to be easily read and indexed by search engine spiders.

All leads generated are then trasferred to the Big Five Lead Application (CRM), and Big Five is alerted of the request.

Technologies Used:
– Flash
– Javascript

Content Management System

A custom content management system (CMS) allows Big Five to create tours, create ships and then assign specific ships to specific tours. 

Search Engine Marketing’s ambitious SEO goals included first page rankings for many different search terms related to their business of Galapagos travel. To accomplish these goals, THAT Agency implemented an aggressive content creation and link development plan to successfully make this website competitive with other strong Galapagos travel websites. There were great gains with the SEO optimizations put forth by THAT Agency’s SEM team.