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Live Music Guide


Live Music Guide

Services Provided
  • Web Design
  • Web Development
  • Content Management System
  • SEO
  • eCommerce is a website, owned by The Townshend Group, LLC, that connects its members to artists and live shows of any music genre in the United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. offers space for blogging, provides downloadable MP3s and album and concert reviews, and contains the latest artist news and tour information, making it the all-encompassing source for live music news on the Internet. 

Web Design

THAT Agency worked hand-in-hand with Live Music Guide to determine the site’s structure and functionality, including creating wireframes for the main pages of the website.

THAT Agency’s website development process also included creating custom home page design directions, the finalization of the home page design and then the application of this page design to the interior web pages. 

Web Development

The Live Music Guide website’s front-end was developed using tabless CSS/HTML, around a solid PHP script, accessing a MySQL database and is backed by a custom content management system (CMS).

The feature-rich website for Live Music Guide includes: artists’ imagery and MP3s integrated with MediaNet, a Shows and Tickets section integrated with Celebrity Access and Ticket Network, Live Music based on site visitors’ locations to provide the most relevant live music news, a custom blog that allows category creation, embedded videos, commenting, artist association to show within individual artist profiles, an in-depth search mechanism where users can search for artists by venues, shows, cities, states, countries, zip codes and dates, and much more.

Technologies Used:

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Content Management System

In order to handle all areas of the Live Music Guide website, THAT Agency create a robust custom content management system (CMS). Within, administrators are able to manage tours, artists and venues, as well as post blog articles, manage users with access levels, and manage user generated content, such as images and blog posts.

Search Engine Optimization faced the same challenge that many brand new websites face- Generating search traffic. As with any new website, LMG had no link authority or content to speak of and contracted THAT Agency to design and implement a plan. Using a search-friendly website architecture, the dynamic optimization of thousands of content pages and solid link development plan, LMG is on the fast-track to becoming a major player in their industry.