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ME Cabo



“It is truly a pleasure to work with THAT Agency. They are large enough to meet the needs of a global company like Sol Melia Hotels & Resorts, but small enough to give us personalized attention and to push the envelope in terms of creativity. They are very proactive and often approach us with new ideas and designs without our solicitation, many of which we have later adopted. We consider THAT Agency a part of our team and they work hard to understand how they can best meet our needs.”

– Ashwin Kamlani, Vice President, ME Cabo


ME Cabo

Services Provided
  • Web Design
  • Web Development
  • eCommerce
  • SEO
  • Print
  • Email Marketing
  • Social Media

ME Hotels and Resorts offers experience-centric accommodations to travelers with a progressive sensibility. Through design, music, cuisine and art, ME engages the intellect, emotions, senses and desires of each guest. ME immerses you in the moment and delivers the thrill of the unexpected. It inspires you. It transforms you.

Web Design

THAT Agency was contracted to create an online presence for the ME Cabo in Cabo, Mexico. The ME Cabo is an experience hotel and is reflected as such through the new website THAT Agency designed, in which we infused lush sensory elements with extreme functionality.

A focal ingredient to the homepage, and weaved throughout the new site design and development, are chic Flash storylines and other Flash elements that were carefully optimized and balanced as not to overwhelm the senses, but rather supplement visitor experience.

Web Development

THAT Agency was able to integrate AJAX elements into the ME Cabo website to ensure an increase in website response for user interaction; resulting in a photo-gallery, homepage slider, and social network portal that all operate in smoother transitions. Visitors now have the opportunity of accessing videos and other websites through on-page lightboxes that open directly from the website. The site design and development platform was developed from PHP and XHTML, which functioned as the structure for the intricate ME Cabo design. Technologies Used: PHP, XHTML, CSS, Flash, XML and Javascript.

Search Engine Marketing

ME Cabo’s SEO goals were focused on improving the visibility of their small hotel website within the competitive travel search market. With the help of THAT Agency, they were able to accomplish this goal by developing search-friendly hotel websites, aggressively seeking PR opportunities and developing travel and regional links to their hotel Web properties.

Social Media

For ME Cabo, THAT Agency helped to build a social marketing program from the foundation-up. Social networks such as facebook, twitter, youtube, flickr and others were utilized to help improve the branding of ME Madrid and the ME by Melia brand as a whole.