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Norwegian Cruise Lines


Norwegian Cruise Line

Services Provided
  • Web Design

Norwegian Cruise Line Corporation Ltd (“NCL”) is one of the leading cruise ship operators in the world, and is increasing the size and modernity of its fleet. NCL currently operates 12 ships with over 21,600 berths, representing approximately 9.0% of the overall cruise capacity in North America in terms of berths. NCL is in the midst of a fleet renewal program which, by the end of 2007, will add three new ships to its fleet. NCL reported $1.6 billion in revenues for 2005. 

Web Design

THAT Agency worked with NCL to meet and exceed their necessity for a fun and interactive way to showcase their various tours. THAT Agency created a web design and developed a full Flash animated interactive CD, which showcased each tour with an exciting image, tour description and any tour restricitions. The CD also included an inventive Interactive Map of the Islands of Hawaii, that allows the users to jump from island to island to see which tours are available.