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Procacci Development

“As our business has changed, THAT AGENCY has responded to our need to revitalize our website and market presence. They are always innovative, creative and are a trusted part of our team.”

– Debra Kremblas, Executive Vice President, Procacci Development Corporation


Procacci Development Corporation

Services Provided
  • Web Design
  • Web Development
  • Content Management System
  • SEO

Procacci Development Corporation is a full-service development, construction and management company with extensive knowledge and experience in office, industrial and retail real estate. Procacci’s defined mission concentrates on achieving a superior experience for tenants, and they are dedicated to providing real estate solutions that will have a positive impact on clients’ operations by delivering quality results which exceed the highest industry standards.

Web Design

The Procacci Development Corporation website was designed on the 960 grid system, which resulted in uniform and perfectly structured pages.

Web Development

To craft the smooth animated navigation, THAT Agency utilized jQuery. To create the eye-catching panel on the home page, THAT Agency utilized flash, which featured unique transitions that highlight a few of Procacci’s impressive developments.

Additionally, the Procacci Development Corporation’s website was built around a custom CMS.

Content Management System

THAT Agency developed a custom content management system (CMS) as the base for the Procacci Development Corporation’s website. Through the CMS, Procacci is able to login and manage the following areas: Content Pages, Executive Team, Properties and News.

The custom property management area, allows Procacci the ability to upload specific property details, and assign them to various property categories.