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Regency Centers


Regency Centers

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Regency Centers is a national developer, owner and operator of grocery-anchored and community shopping centers. They have spent more than 40 years, building a legacy of success evidenced by 450+ centers, 21 regional offices and properties in nearly every major market. Their highly-focused commitment to quality and innovation has made Regency an industry leader and premier shopping center company. Through their innovative and entrepreneurial thinking, they are the industry leader in a highly competitive and ever-changing market.

Web Design

Our discovery process was an imperative step to truly understanding Regency Centers’ needs and goals. By developing thorough project specifications, creating individual page wireframes and applying a fresh approach to their branding and messaging, THAT Agency was able to create a lush environment of information, live maps, property details and space availability.

Web development

The Regency Centers website was developed on a solid PHP platform, utilizing a vast array of elements to bring quick response and superiour functionality to the site’s clean-interface design. Accompanying a tableless-CSS design, the website also includes AJAX for smoother transitions and a more natural response to visitor interaction.

Flash elements are used on the home page, and within the property map for aesthetic-flare.

Technologies Used: PHP, CSS, MySQL, Flash, and AJAX.

Content Management System

The implementation of Microsoft Virtual Earth fuels the website’s custom property search engine, providing users access to a comphrehensive database of Regency Centers’ properties, that span the country.

Regency Centers is able to maintain that comprehensive database of properties, as well as all of the content throughout their website via their custom content management system. The functionality was designed and developed specifically for Regency Centers, to accommodate their highly-interactive design, as well as their custom property needs.

Search Engine Optimization

For Regency Centers, keyword search trends were researched and implemented accordingly into using dynamic optimization tactics. Post-launch, a link development plan was put into action to achieve the desired goal of top rankings for thousands of targeted, long-tail keyword phrases with general and deep-link development.