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Salutron is a supplier of heart rate and activity monitoring solutions, utilized for health, sports & fitness, and other consumer applications.  Salutron’s team of engineers and scientists deliver a unique blend of consumer wearable experience, advanced physiological research expertise, and a passion for accuracy and reliability.  Since 1995, Salutron’s mission has been to deliver superior science in order to improve lives.  Today, Salutron’s technology is used in leading global brands of cardio fitness equipment, in chest straps and heart rate monitoring watches, in advanced research projects, and in cutting-edge activity tracker products.

Web Design

Utilizing impressive images, THAT Agency was able to create a concept that showcases Salutron’s products and technology offering. The website was created around responsive web design, which allows for the website display appropriately across all devices, from mobile to tablet to desktop.

Content Management System

The website was developed on the open-source PHP platform, WordPress, and was customized utilizing numerous plugins, to create a custom website feel, without having to build the website from the ground up.

Search Engine Optimization

To complete the project, THAT Agency incorporated their standard suite of search engine optimization onsite best practices. These services included (but are not limited to): keyword and competitor research, meta title and description optimization, 301 redirects, XML and HTML sitemaps, and much more!