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Unisa is a prestigious designer of premium women’s shoes, handbags and accessories popular in the USA, Canada, Europe, Central and South America and the Pacific Rim. For many years, the company has had numerous retail outlets throughout the United States including one on Madison Avenue. 

Web Design

Unisa contacted THAT Agency for a second time to re-brand themselves. Unisa requested a website with an eCommerce solution, with the ability to change the website’s imagery in real time to match their seasonal sales.

THAT Agency re-branded Unisa, by creating a soft, yet high-end color scheme. The home page was designed to accommodate a large seasonal advertisement, in which Unisa could manage from their custom eCommerce back-end. 


The Unisa website was built around a custom eCommerce solution. Site administrators are able to manage products, as well as seasonal advertisements.

Site visitors are able to easily navigate the Unisa website, to browse for their shoe(s) of choice, or search for a specific pair, they already know they love. To accommodate the lack of a warehouse, upon order submission, orders are sent to various physical storefront locations for fullfillment.