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jQuery validate plugin plus PHP equals captcha

With all the captcha’s out there right now why would anyone reinvent the wheel and write another one. Well I did and here is why. When I build forms, my go-to validation is 9 out of 10 times its jQuery plugin: Validation. Keeping with that and their built in functionality to basically = something to […]

Auto suggest with results based on text input and radio button

Recently we had a client that wanted the following: 1. They wanted to have an auto suggest based on input of the user for cities. 2. They also wanted “categories” in the form of radio buttons that would also be used to return some results. So I used jQuery to accomplish this. Attached you will […]

Up and Down slider using JQuery

To tell you the truth, I wish I could remember where I originally found this example because I would like to give credit where credit is due, but I really dont remember. Anyhow, this person’s example was a cool slider effect that stuck to the top of the page. Well I decided to take that […]

Developer: jQuery Foundation .js

As developers we always keep our little things that we always use or start a project in the same mannerisms. Coming up later, I will write about how we lay the foundation for a project with our project template. But for now, I would like to show you how we have our jQuery foundation file layed out. Above and beyond the scope of this base file, everything past this point is decided by the individual project.

Refreshing an element at a set time interval using jQuery and a sprinkle of Ajax

Now lets say that you a web page that has a big Block of “something” and inside this “something” you would like to have some information change at a set time interval. Well with Jquery, some PHP and a sprinkle of Ajax, you can get this done quick fast and in a hurry. The first […]