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The Time is Now to Think Mobile – Here’s 9 Reasons Why!

In a recent Social Media Today webinar, the topic of mobile marketing was discussed in great detail. If you are a forward thinking marketer, you already know that you should be in the process of optimizing your marketing strategy for the small screen.  Years ago, mobile marketing was largely considered text message marketing, yet today […]

Web Design: Optimizing Your Websites for Mobile Devices

Remember the good old days when you only had to worry about how your website looked and functioned on a computer? Today, though, more users are going mobile. Smartphones and mobile devices, like the iPod Touch or tablets, are becoming the preferred vehicle of access to the Internet, and it is expected that mobile use […]

Online Marketing Goes Mobile

It comes as no surprise that more businesses are focusing on mobile online marketing strategies in 2011. Business has to go where the consumer wants to go, and increasingly, that is mobile. Hundreds of millions of people experience the web via mobile device, and it is expected that mobile access will quickly outpace access from […]

Using Website Analytics Part 3: Assessing Your Need for a Mobile Website

Part 3 of our Understanding Website Analytics series is going to be brief. In this post, we’re going to quickly talk about just one Google Analytics report that can help you better understand your need (or lack thereof) for a mobile version of your website. Of course, we wouldn’t rely on this report alone to […]