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Joomla Plugins for Security

Joomla is one of the most popular content management sites in the world; more than 14 million copies of its software have been downloaded since 2007, and Joomla estimates that it powers 2.7 percent of the biggest million websites in the world. Security is a concern for any business, no matter what CMS they use. […]

Attack of the Plugins

Free, open source software is tremendously beneficial to a wide variety of businesses and websites. Not only is the price right, but because it is open source, there are scores of people working on the programs. You can easily find support, answers to your questions, and, of course, free plugins to create a more user-friendly, […]

WordPress Update Fixes Security Flaws

Manufacturer HP recently released figures on the security of the most popular content management systems, as well as their plugins. While they found that the core applications of the CMSs themselves are relatively safe, they discovered that about 70 percent of the applications they tested were “vulnerable” to security risks. One of the best ways […]

Which CMS is More Secure?

Joomla, Drupal, and WordPress are three of the most popular content management systems, and each has strengths and advantages for users. While the CMS’s core applications are relatively safe, the plugins created for them can have vulnerabilities. According to the latest figures by HP, 70 percent of applications have some sort of security vulnerability, and […]

SEO WordPress Plugins Available

According to experts, there are over a hundred million blogs in the world. A few years ago, bloggers were intrepid, pioneers in this new online territory. Today, everyone and his business has at least one blog. Standing out among the crowd is tough, and this is where search engine optimization strategies can help. The SEO […]