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3 Commonly Asked Questions by Real Small Business Owners

It has been a great start to 2013 and I am in a giving mood, so I want to give back. On our social accounts I solicited small business owners for their most pressing questions about using social media. Keep in mind that I don’t consider myself an all knowing guru-expert; however I am someone […]

Great Business Fan Page Designs

There is no doubt that social media has become an efficient and savvy business tool. With half a billion people using Facebook, and 145 million tweeting about everything from up-to-the-minute world events to what they had for lunch, it makes sense that your business use these sites strategically to reach consumers. As with your main […]

Small Business: 3 Ways to Build Website Traffic

Many small businesses struggle with increasing traffic to their websites. Building traffic to your website does not have to be a large monetary investment, just a bit of your time and effort. 1. Establish Relationships with Other Websites Get to know the key players in your market. Try to reach out to these sites for […]