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Why I Ditched Joomla for WordPress

When I discovered Joomla a few years ago, I thought it was the crown jewel of all open-source Content Management Systems. I couldn’t wait to learn it’s inner workings, and show everyone else how awesome it was. At the time I ignored WordPress completely. After all, all it did was blogging. I wanted something that […]

Absolute Positioning CSS Elements: The Basics

When first learning to write HTML and CSS, creating  a compatible, functional, great-looking website can be a daunting task. Many early developers are stuck with hours upon hours of troubleshooting, trying to figure out that one small piece of CSS that is causing their page to to look like a garbage dump. That’s why, in […]

THAT Agency Launches Distinctive Palm Beach Properties

THAT Agency captured the allure and sophistication of Palm Beach when designing and developing a online presence for a brother-sister real estate team, with the innovative website www.distinctivepalmbeachproperties.com.  The website is based around the 960-grid system in principle, creating a clean, Web 2.0 look and feel.  The muted color scheme of the white with steely […]

THAT Agency Launches Make A Change Today

THAT Agency was contracted to develop the website for Make A Change Today.  In addition to website development, THAT Agency was also asked to perform an indepth analysis of the client competitor websites, and develop a strategy for on-site optimization. The Make A Change Today website was built around a content management system (CMS), allowing […]

THAT Agency Launches Ask Aztec

The goal of the website for Aztec Acquisitions was to establish a professional and trustworthy appearance.  During THAT Agency’s discovery process, Aztec Acquisitions was asked to deliver a list of adjectives for use during the design process. THAT Agency turned this exercise around, and utilized the powerful words as a design feature within the header […]

THAT Agency creates a new website for The American Graduate School in Paris

THAT Agency partnered with The American Graduate School in Paris to not only update their website’s look and feel, but to increase their online reach by expanding into untouched search markets.  The website design was constructed around the 960 grid system, which resulted in clean, educational design worthy of any University. The American Graduate School […]

THAT Agency Launches Website for American Eagle Packaging

THAT Agency designed and developmed American Eagle Packaging’s online presence from scratch.  Never having a space online, required that THAT Agency create not only an aesthetically pleasing site, but also one that was fully-optimized for search engines. The clean, corporate website was designed utilizing web 2.0 standards of large fonts and clean spacing.  The smooth […]