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Email Marketing Services | South Florida Agency

Email marketing continues to provide businesses with a cost efficient and personable way to connect and engage their customers. THAT Agency’s professional email marketing services will allow you to establish and build customer relationships that promote sustained business growth.

Our email marketing strategies start with outlining your goals, building and segmenting your contact database, and nurturing them into lifelong customers. Whether you’re looking for an inbound email marketing strategy or need monthly newsletters to keep your customer base up to date with new products or services, our targeted email marketing services will allow you to deliver the message you need to grow your business.

Our email marketing services empower you to:


  • Connect with your customers and target customers by delivering relevant information
  • Nurture leads through your marketing and sales funnels
  • Promote customer interaction and reinforce branding
  • Establish trust with your customer base to promote a healthy, long-lasting relationship


Coupled with our other digital marketing services, our team works together to send the right message to the right person. Analyzing your audience’s activity will allow us to send messages that have context, making them much more effective than batch-and-blast email techniques.


Email Marketing Services

Our email marketing services are tailored to the goals you have for your organization, but can include the following types of marketing emails:

Email Marketing Services | THAT Agency
Email Marketing Services | THAT Agency
Email Marketing Services | THAT Agency
Email Marketing Services | THAT Agency
Email Marketing Services | THAT Agency
Email Marketing Services | THAT Agency

All emails we send for our clients are 100% responsive in design. Working alongside our design services team, we ensure your emails will be easily digestible regardless of device and email client it’s viewed on.


Our email marketing services are data-driven and rely on A/B tests to check performance and identify opportunities for improvement. This way, we can ensure we provide our clients with the sustainable business growth they’re looking for.


Located in West Palm Beach, FL, THAT Agency offers email marketing services to companies of all sizes in any industry. We’ll first identify your goals, and work together to build a strategy that works towards achieving them.