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Search Engine Marketing Services

THAT Agency’s search engine marketing (SEM) service constructs an immediate bridge between customers and your brand. This instant connection creates a new level of reach and exposure that is unobtainable by other means.

Where search engine optimization is the art of influencing your website’s natural, organic ranking, THAT Agency’s search engine marketing service elevates your business to the peak of visibility across the major search engines and affiliate sites.
With the high influence of “pay-per-click advertising” and banner ad marketing, the art of growing brands, companies, and services on the web has evolved into a tactical approach of SEO and SEM–one that requires a sharp understanding of inbound marketing, resource allocation, and problem solving.
Our team of Google Adwords-qualified professionals offers the opportunity to:
  • Improve your visibility across the major search engines
  • Send channel-targeted traffic to your website
  • Increase ad effectiveness by raising your click-through-rate (CTR)
  • Get more mileage out of your budget by lowering cost-per-click (CPC)
  • Stimulate your ROI
Pay-per-click advertising (also referred to as “PPC marketing”) is effective because it has the potential to reach a broad-to-exact audience and can be fine-tuned to specific geographic locales, languages, regions, and distances from your business.
THAT Agency’s SEM and PPC marketing specialists work with clients to develop a search engine marketing strategy for achieving specific goals and maximizing the effect of any budget. By determining your website’s strengths and weaknesses, analyzing your competitors, and implementing a healthy dose of keyword research, we can optimize a search engine marketing strategy that finds the perfect cohesion between budget and maximum exposure.
As a Google Adwords Qualified agency, and internet marketing company based out of West Palm Beach, Florida, THAT Agency also offers a search engine marketing consultant services, analyzing clients’ goals and competition and developing professional recommendations for igniting a new (and existing) pay-per-click advertising campaigns. THAT Agency is a robust internet marketing company located in West Palm Beach, FL., offering search marketing optimizations throughout the U.S, and beyond!

Banner Advertising

A banner advertising campaign is a way for your company to develop an enhanced level of brand definition. Our team of designers skillfully wed typography, photography, and layout to create an inspiring and effective presentation of your brand across the web.
Stimulating traffic and providing a concrete ROI is the foundation for all of our clients’ search engine marketing campaigns. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions regarding search engine marketing or how THAT Agency can help your company.

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