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Web Analytics Services

THAT Agency’s web analytics services are fueled by smart insights based on industry-leading real-time web statistics and the most powerful analytical software available. There is a reason why we are considered a top online marketing company in West Palm Beach, FL.

Monitoring traffic is not only a way to calculate the number of visitors who experience your product or service on the web but also an invaluable means of quickly recognizing trends, analyzing your visitors’ habits, and making the appropriate adjustments.
THAT Agency, a leading online marketing company in South Florida, compiles the best data from multiple sources into regular daily, weekly, or monthly custom reports to provide you with the most accurate and actionable information possible.
Some examples of metrics we provide are:
  • Total number of people who visit your website
  • Geographic locations of visitors, including all countries, states, cities, or towns
  • How visitors are finding your website (important keywords and searched phrases)
  • How people interact with your website
  • Thorough conversion statistics for both lead generation or on-site sales
  • Click paths
  • Return visitors
  • Mobile and tablet visitors
  • and more!
Our web analytics services include web marketing professionals, based out of WPB, FL., who monitor every individual client campaign, allowing us to determine rising trends and offer suggestions to increase website traffic and promote new traffic streams through SEO services, search engine marketing, and of course social media marketing.
THAT Agency’s web analytics services are the combination of high-caliber web tracking software and experienced professionals  in web marketing.