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Margaritaville Caribbean

In 1994, two young Jamaicans in Montego Bay opened the first Margaritaville restaurant to provide locals and visitors with a casual, fun and exciting place to relax and have a good time. The idea proved to be genius and in 2000, Jimmy Buffet became a franchise holder of Margaritaville Caribbean.

Web Design

 After designing and developing their initial website, Margaritaville Caribbean approached THAT Agency to give their site a more modern facelift. THAT Agency gladly delivered, and Jimmy Buffet’s Margaritaville Caribbean’s website, www.margaritavillecaribbean.com, has a fresh new design, featuring bold Caribbean-infused colors and exciting photos and graphics.

THAT Agency crafted a website design that beckons the viewer to kick back, relax and enjoy a fruity drink and the tropical sights on Jamaica, Grand Turk or the Cayman Islands.

Web Development

 The website development utilized existing code including HTML and PHP, accessing a MySQL database. PHP is a general purpose scripting language that is a powerful tool for creating dynamic website design.

The website boasts fun, custom flash graphics throughout, as well as being backed by a custom eCommerce system.

Technologies Used:
– Flash
– Javascript


 With a website built on a search engine friendly framework, THAT Agency researched and implemented keyword search trends into Masonite.com using a combination of manual and dynamic optimization techniques. Post-launch, a link development plan was put into action to achieve the desired goal of top rankings for the most often searched, relevant and competitive terms in Masonite’s industry.

Content Management

 The Margaritaville Caribbean website is backed by a custom eCommerce system. Site administrators are able to manage not only the products and orders, but they also have access to upload photos and manage the events section of the website.

The ability to upload products, set attributes and assign to product categories, allows for a seamless user experience throughout the browsing and purchasing process.

Administrators are able to track and manage orders, as well as provide details to customers regarding their orders, and create custom reports, useful for determining their ROI.

Search Engine Marketing

 EHV’s marketing goals included targeting a niche of soon-to-be marries coupled looking for an alternative type of wedding registry. By keyword targeting the website with niche keyword phrases and building links to the website, EHV was able to successfully create a new stream of quality leads through Google, Yahoo and Bing searches.