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Web Design Agencies

Custom Web Design and Development

The term “web design” has been used broadly to cover the way content is delivered to end-users through a web browser or web-enabled software. In our case, web design encompasses the many tasks and individuals it takes to come up with the actual “design” for a website.

As one of the leading web design agencies in West Palm Beach, FL., at THAT Agency, the expertise of our graphic design and web design team lies in the planning and creation of comprehensive, custom website layouts. Although we strive to make a first impression with our designs, we also understand the importance of the delicate balance between design and function.


Web Developement & Graphic Design Services

Our goal as a web development company is to utilize the principles of web design and site usability to most effectively promote your company, your product, and/or your service because your presence on the Internet is a direct reflection of your company and everything it has to offer.

It’s All in the Process…

From our comprehensive discovery process to our talented graphic designers, our portfolio is full of effective custom website designs. Each design is unique to the specific client and business category; however, every website is built to accurately inform your potential customers about your business, as well as drive reservations, sales, leads, and more to increase your revenue! We pride ourselves on the quality of our work and the success of our clients.

THAT Agency, a leading web development company headquartered in South Florida, has a vast client portfolio of custom-designed websites for companies in a variety of industries, including ecommerce, hotel, manufacturing, and others.

Web Design Services at a Glance

  • Creation of suggested color palette for the website
  • Creation of visual design
  • Creation of information architecture and navigation
  • Application of creative direction to the comprehensive website layouts (comps)
  • Application of web design principles and site usability